"What you do that I haven't found in Alex's art class at school or anywhere else is give the children space to create with open-ended materials. Your class is a safe space for children to try new things and not have to worry if it's right or wrong. I also love how you weave in art history in relationship to the projects the children are working on."  - Stephanie L.

"Creativity and imagination start in your classes. I am glad B had exposure to your teaching and thinking. I am sure it molded her approach to art and creativity."  - Sarah H.

"We have loved how the class has nurtured curiosity in the world and combined that curiosity with art."  - Ashley J.

"From an early age, you teach children not just the basics of color, light, etc., but that expression through art is about freedom and about creating in their own special way."  - Jessica T.

"You make it fun, and teach children to see art EVERYWHERE (and to create it from anything) and you are absolutely, positively down-to-earth and relate to children in a wonderfully pragmatic way -- you always sound as if you're talking to a peer when you speak with them, and I love that." 
- Melissa B.

"I think the most exciting thing she has learned is her own abilities to create and be creative.  I love to see her pride in the pieces she makes.  It's also nice to see that each piece has a story.  What you do is provide an environment where kids can have their own canvas (figuratively and literally) to create."  - Lauren S.